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Updated- 6/13/20
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Rose Breasted Cockatoo

Accepting Deposit

#5045- Rose Breasted Cockatoo Baby, hand feeding now.  DNA Male. Hatched 3/16/20 and will be ready in mid July.  


Moustache Parakeet

Accepting Deposit

#5019- Mustache Parakeet, almost weaned.  DNA female. Hatched 4/15/20 and will be ready in mid to late june.  



Accepting Deposit

#3233-Cockatiel, almost weaned.  DNA female. Hatched 4/15/20 and will be ready around 6/22.  


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Recently Hatched/Coming Soon:
These babies have hatched but are still in with their parents.  We will start accepting deposits on them once they are in the nursery
Arriving Soon!
Yellow Sided Green Cheeks
$349 Each
Pineapple Green Cheeks 
425.00 Each
Turquoise Green Cheeks
$495 Each
Green Quakers
$325 Each
Blue Quakers
$525 Each
On Eggs:
These babies are expected to move into the nursery in mid July
Congo African Greys
$3500 Each
Sun Conures 
$495 Each
Nanday Conures
$495 Each
White Bellied Caiques
$1450 Each
Hahns Macaws
$1395 Each
White Capped Pionus
$1250 Each
Indian Ringnecks
(Price varies by color and sex)
Eggs are just that, they are a possibility.  We can't "count our chickens before they hatch." But these are the species we may be expecting in the near future.

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