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Hand Fed Baby Birds

All of our baby parrots and cockatiels are hand fed, socialized and weaned onto a diet of pellets and fresh foods.

We raise a large variety of baby birds each year in our nursery.  Babies range from parrotlets to the largest of macaws. We accept a deposit to hold each baby until it is fully weaned and encourage our customers to come and visit their new baby frequently if possible.  We no longer offer shipping due to the closure of the Delta Cargo office in Cleveland.  Babies are weaned onto Roudybush Pellets, cooked mixes, fresh food and treats (dried fruits, vegetables and nuts.) 

Finches and Canaries

We also have small birds occasionally available!

We also carry finches and canaries in addition to our baby hook bills.  All finches and canaries are domestic raised!  Call us or email to check on our current availability.  

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