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Vacation Boarding


In a Pickle Parrot Shop offers boarding by reservation.  Please call us to schedule your bird's stay.  During busy times of the year, particularly holidays, we do tend to fill our schedule and we recommend calling as far in advance as possible.  All birds require a vet exam within six-months of their first stay which includes documentation that they are in good health.

Bird care

Grooming and trimming

In a Pickle Parrot Shop offers grooming services by appointment. Please call us at (440)627-6477 to check for availability and to schedule an appointment. We offer the following services:

  • Wing Trim

  • Beak Trim

  • Nails


DNA Sexing

We offer DNA sexing for our clients by appointment.  DNA sexing is $35 per bird and can be done with a grooming appointment or on its own.  Results take one to two weeks.


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