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Finch , Canary & Dove

Current Availability

Updated- 10/15/22

Contact us to verify the status of any of these birds

as our availability of small birds is always changing!

Give us a call at (440)627-6477 for availability or any other questions. 

phonto 3.JPG

Male- $229 each

phonto 8.JPG
Crested Canary

Male- $169 each

Female- $139

phonto 2.JPG
Society Finch

$34.95 each

Many to choose from! 

phonto 5.JPG
Yellow Faced 
Star Finch 


1 pair available

phonto 7.JPG
Diamond Dove

$49 each

Multiple available 

Silver White Tail

phonto 4.JPG


Female- $119

Many to choose from in a variety of colors!

phonto 10.JPG
Zebra Finch

$24.95 each 

Males and Females

Many to choose from in a variety of colors!

Black Cheek 
Zebra Finch


1 pair available

phonto 6.JPG
Owl Finch

$129 each 

7 available

phonto 9.JPG
Ringneck Dove

$39 each 

1 Adult Female Available

photo coming soon text on a yellow sticky note with three clips
Button Quail

$19 each 

Males and Females Available

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